self_idenity (self_idenity) wrote in emotional_bliss,

i think one of the leading issues to most problems faced by adolescents(and maybe even young adults) is that...we havent found ourselves, we haven't accepted ourselves and we're lookign for acceptance elsewhere

i know probably EVERYONE in this community is going through this right now, even me, maybe you noticed it, maybe you don't
but i know that letting it out, and talking about it is might not solve any of your big issues but it does feel good to know that there are otheres like you, that your not alone, and that venting feels good

i've made a community for the discussion of idenity crises, and i hope those interested will give me their views on it
its not a "community" community, more like....just a place to talk about identity crises

i'm sorry if this is considered as promoting, if you let me know i'll delete this or follow the proper procedures etc

the community:
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