hamsterbaby-fräulein (yrdiscodisco) wrote in emotional_bliss,

my ex and I seemed to fit so well physically.
kissing was never akward, neither was sleeping together.
we did that so well, I guess when it all boiled down to it - I thought he was there for me more than that, but I was wrong.
He gave up on us..
now he's hanging around some 16 year old...

and I'm with someone new.
and I don't always feel very comfortable in my skin.
he doesn't talk enough.
and it really bugs me. to not know what he's thinking about..
I need some affirmation.
because I don't want another broken heart...
actually, I'm pretty sure mines still broken, and I'm just ... keepin' on with the truckin'.. for lifes sake.
it's not that I don't like mr. new.
I really really do.. he's a great person.

he told me once he worries whether he'll be able to make me happy.
I told him only I can make me happy.
but I wish things would get better..
I can't relax around him often times.

but I need some sleep..
so goodnight all.
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